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About Jocelin

Jocelin Meredith, a Melbourne based artist has explored a variety of mediums including photography and digital media, having majored in printmaking through her BVA in 2007. 

After a break, Jocelin has reconnected with her artist's soul - printmaking and discovering a love for ink drawings.
Through her artwork, she explores themes of humanity - the challenges, influences, and tensions that leave imprints on a person's spirit.

She draws on nature and ordinary objects for inspiration to symbolise the value in the invaluable, complex meanings and emotions that hold multiple perspectives.
Jocelin hopes the human soul connects vulnerably with different elements of her drawing. And sparks interaction and conversation amongst the audience with an opportunity for storytelling, healing and a holistic understanding of each other.

About Me: Bio

Curriculume Vitae


2007 | Bachelor of Visual Arts and Bachelor of Arts [Monash University]

2006 | Presbyterian Ladies College


2019 | RAW Australia - Impact Show Melbourne

2008 | ARTiculate Gallery Space (Solo exhibition) "Absent Presence"

2007 | Monash University, graduate exhibition, Melbourne


2007 | Firestate Print Studio Award in Excellence (2nd prize), Melbourne

About Me: Resume
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